Let’s Talk Turkey! 6 ways to get juicy. 

Say NO to overcooked, dried out turkey this Thanksgiving. 

    No one enjoys dry turkey so here’s what you can do to ensure yours is moist and delicious. 

1. Use a baking bag. These miraculous little inventions are god’s gift to the culinary arts. (Brand doesn’t appear to be important.) They do the basting for you and prevent moisture loss. Bonus: They make roaster clean-up a snap. 

2. Butter. Yes, I know, it’s not exactly diet-friendly, but we are talking about a holiday, so let’s splurge.  Place a flattened out stick of butter under the skin on each side of the turkey breast. 

3. Stuff that turkey!  I realize you’ve heard that this can cause food poisoning but that is simply not true at all.  Undercooking is the actual cause. Use a meat thermometer and make sure the stuffing and thickest part of your turkey both reach 165f.  Meat thermometers are cheap and easy to use. Stuffing adds moisture and flavor to your turkey and can be anything from traditional stuffing to a fruit medley, it’s up to you. 

4. Do NOT overcook your turkey. This is one of the most common mistakes made. Again, a meat thermometer is your best friend. Use it in the middle of the thickest portion of meat in your turkey. 165f is the magic number. Check the thigh, wing, breast, and stuffing. Once you’ve reached that, your turkey is finished baking. 

5. Let your turkey rest. It needs a break after all the baking it’s done.  It NEEDS a 20-minute rest period to seal in juices and prevent moisture loss. Just take it out of the oven and let it rest on a counter for at least 20 minutes before serving. 

6. Absolutely, positively, do NOT slice up that turkey and put it on a platter!  Keep your turkey intact and slice off each serving directly to the dinner plate for the tenderest, juiciest turkey. 


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