Cleaning Your Purse Lining

imageCleaning your leather purse/bag isn’t nearly as difficult as some might believe.  Here are the first steps (Always start with the lining.) needed to get yours into carrying shape again.

Here’s my bag that I LOVE LOVE LOVE. I loved it until it was nearly ruined.image


The interior had lipstick stains, general yuckiness, and ink marks.

The first step to cleaning your bag is to start with the interior.  Pull the lining inside out and  vacuum away dust particles. image

You’ll need rubbing alcohol, paper towels, and cotton swabs. image

Identify any ink or marker stains and scrub them using a cotton swab saturated with rubbing alcohol.  image

Use paper towels to soak up the rubbing alcohol and repeat until the ink is gone  this may take several treatments, so don’t give up.  image

It took 3 rounds of scrubbing and soaking up the rubbing alcohol to remove the ink but it’s gone!  Now, onto the rest of the lining… image

The next step is to clean the entire lining with rubbing alcohol to remove dust and dirt, and this gives another opportunity to check for ink stains.  If any water based cleaner is used on ink, it could set the stain permanently, so extra caution is always great.  You’ll need rubbing alcohol, paper towels, and a cloth. image.jpeg

Scrub the entire lining with rubbing alcohol checking carefully for ink stains.  Blot with paper towels. image

The lining was cleaned except for some lipstick stains.  (I have learned the importance of using a makeup bag, even when carrying 2-3 small items.)  The next step is to remove the lipstick. image

You need equal parts Dawn dish detergent and water, paper towels, and cotton swabs. image

Scrub the Dawn/water solution on the lipstick stains using a cotton swab.  Blot with paper towels and repeat until the stain is removed.  Rinse with plain water by blotting a wet paper towel, then a dry paper towel.  Let the lining dry fully, the push back into the bag. image

Look how clean the lining is! It looks brand new. image

In other posts, I’ll show you how to clean the exterior of leather bags and also other types of bag exteriors.


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