Cleaning the Exterior of Leather Bags/Purses

This couldn’t be simpler.  All you need are a few simple items. A dirty leather purse, Murphy’s Oil Soap mixed half and half with water, cotton swabs, paper towels, and a cloth.  

Start with interior leather tags and exterior attached hang tags. Use the cotton swabs to keep the solution only on the leather.  Dip in the oil soap solution and scrub.  

  After you’ve scrubbed away the dirt, buff with a paper towel. No need to rinse.  

Then work on the body of the bag with the cloth.  Use circular motions and gently clean away dirt and grime.  

Buff with paper towels, then condition with your favorite brand of leather conditioner. 

Enjoy your beautifully clean purse!  

Come back later to see my blog post on cleaning fabric bags. It’s not quite as easy as a leather bag, but might save your bag from the discard bin. 


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