Summer Solutions: Cracker Snacks

If your kids are like mine, they’ve begged for the Lunchables (or similar brand) cracker and cheese kits. I’ve bought them and realized they don’t offer as much as I had hoped. They’re not cheap, either, considering the contents. The ones I purchased looked like this. image
My kids DO like to stack their cheese and lunch meats on crackers and eat them, so I decided for at-home snacks, a tray of these would work just as well and give them more options to try. They love them just as much. I used wheat crackers, vegetable crackers, cheddar, Swiss, baked turkey, and Black Forest ham. I will change the cracker, cheese, and meat types from time to time to give them a variety.
You can also make your own to-go cracker kits by putting them in zip sandwich bags. I like to push the air out to hold each item in place. For some reason, the kids like this better. Older kids can make these for themselves. So far, I’ve had no complaints and the kids haven’t noticed that I didn’t add candy or chocolates to their cracker kits. πŸ™‚


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