Kids Can Cook- Easy Breakfast Idea

This is one of the easiest things you can teach kids to make on their own, plus it involves minimal clean-up.

Now, I’m not claiming this is the healthiest breakfast you can offer, but it’s not terrible and mixes things up a bit.

You will need:
A toaster & microwave
Whole grain frozen waffles
Heat & serve sausage (I buy the low-fat version)
Sliced cheese (I prefer the high-calcium types for this.)

If your kids are old enough to use a microwave and a toaster, all you have to do is show them the picture and they’re good to go. If not, then this is a great opportunity to teach them how to set the toaster settings, retrieve hot items, and how to set the microwave.
Toast 2 waffles for each breakfast sandwich. Warm the sausage in the microwave until heated through, typically about 30-40 seconds, but microwaves vary. Stack the sausage and sliced cheese between the two waffles and voila! Easy, quick breakfast in under 2 minutes.

It can be varied by using blueberry waffles or English muffins, trading the sausage for ham or pre-cooked bacon, switching the cheese type, or if your kids are old enough to make eggs, adding eggs. Ask your kids what varieties they can think of to get them thinking creatively about cooking.



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