Healthy Summer Lawn in 4 Easy Steps, with Lawn Lush Recipe

Want that thick, luxurious green grass? Here are 4 tricks to get your grass in shape.

I’m currently working on a very large lawn in the country and sometimes it is an uphill battle because of the location. Weeds, grub worms, and damaged grass came with the property when we bought it. I’ll be enjoying a thick green lawn in no time. image

1. Dig up your yard. Well, not all of it. To find the source of dead or yellowing grass patches, you may want to do a little digging. Use a hand shovel to dig up the dirt under a patch that looks bad to learn what the problem is. Do you see grub worms? If that’s the case, treat with a product for grub worms and you’re home free. If you don’t see grub worms, take a sample of your soil to your county extension office and they’ll usually test it for free to tell you what your soil is in need of. Some home center stores will also test it for free, and there are soil testing kits for purchase as well. Once you learn the problem, you can treat it.

Evidence of a grub worm infestation.

Evidence of a grub worm infestation.

2. Water deep. It is better to water once a week and heavily than to water 2-3 times a week lightly. Grass roots run deep. Usually 6-8 inches or more. Weed roots aren’t always deep, so watering deep and less often gives your grass roots water while providing less water for weeds. This will help your grass grow and crowd out the weeds.

3. Mow high and often. Cutting your lawn too short can leave the lawn without enough foliage to sustain growth and develop a good root system. Never cut more than 1/3 of the height of the grass at a time. The best way to get your lawn thick, lush, and at it’s greenest is to keep it around 3-4 inches tall. Mowing more often takes less green off the blade and allows it to fill in, thicken, develop strong roots, and keeps grass blades soft and lush.
4. Give your lawn a special recipe throughout the season. This is a recipe of ingredients you might not suspect go well together, but they all provide important things your lawn needs. The ammonia helps your lawn stay green, the listerine keeps grubs from re-entering your lawn, the dish detergent helps the garlic stay attached to your grass to ward away bugs, and the beer and honey provide nutrients to help your lawn grow healthy, soft grass. Here is the recipe and instructions:

Lawn Lush
One tablespoon honey
One tablespoon powdered garlic
2 cans of DARK beer 12oz flattened.
1/2 cup PLAIN Dawn dish liquid (Do NOT use anti-bacterial dishwashing liquid or other additives like bleach.)
1/2 cup of household ammonia
1/2 cup of listerine (generic is fine)
One lawn sprayer (The kind that connects to a water hose.)

Mix everything into the lawn sprayer, adding the dish detergent last. Stir to mix. Connect to your water hose and spray your lawn.
I suggest doing this every 2 weeks until your lawn in in good shape. If your lawn only has a few problems, every 3 weeks should be fine. If you’re already enjoying a great lawn, then every 4 weeks will do.


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