Summer Solutions for Kids- Healthy Vegetable Trays They’ll Love

Summertime snacks get old when you serve the same ones over and over. Here is another idea to mix it up and give kids a variety.

It’s not always easy to get kids to eat raw vegetables, and when they do, they have favorites. This is a great way to introduce new vegetables or help them give old ones another chance while still providing a healthy snack. Using hummus and yogurt as dip bases, you can slip in a few more nutrients without them realizing it. ;D

When veggies are served with a flavorful dip, sometimes kids will pick their favorites first but try the others out when the favorites are gone. The key is to provide a smaller amount of the favorites, and don’t replenish them until they’ve tried the others at least once.

I used pre-packaged hummus that was flavored with red bell peppers and garlic. I used a pre-flavored because the ingredients were healthy and the price was the same as plain.

For the Ranch Dip: 2 cups yogurt and 2 tbsp. dry packaged ranch mix. Mix well, refrigerate 1 hour before serving.

On this tray I’ve used yellow squash, zucchini, celery, mini-bells, and baby carrots. But there are tons of vegetables that kids will enjoy or learn to enjoy once they’ve tried them. Asparagus, blanched green beans, broccoli, squash varieties, carrot varieties, radishes, cucumber, lettuces…. I could go on forever. 😀

Remember to put a cold pack under the tray.


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