Christmas/Holiday Storage Solutions Part 2- Storing Embellished/Glitter Decor

I love my bling-bling holiday decorations, particularly the glittered, beaded Christmas cones. I learned quite a valuable lesson last year when I simply stacked them inside each other and put them in a tub in the attic- they’ll get damaged. Almost all of my beads and glitter came off. Here is how to properly store embellished decor.

Firstly, the glitter, sequins, and beads tend to fall off with handling, so handle them as little as possible. You can see from this picture that some came off simply from gently moving them around.

Try not to move the items around too much while packing them for storage. Do not stack cones inside each other without wrapping first, as this causes friction damage. Wrap it in its place if you can with bubble wrap, tissue paper, or foam packing. Do not use any type of fabric since it will cause further damage by grabbing onto the embellishments. I recycled tissue paper from gifts. Start with the smallest cone, and wrap it first.

Gently stack the next largest cone on top of the smallest cone. Wrap it there if you can.
Continue stacking and wrapping all of the cones. Wrap the last cone with exa cushion to prevent jarring in boxes when moving in and out of storage.
Finally, seal up in a plastic bag to prevent any humidity damage if you are storing in an attic or basement, this isn’t necessary if you are storing in an environmentally controlled area inside your home. These are large cones, so I used a kitchen trash bag to seal them up in.
Place in storage box. Do not set heavy items on top of the cones, or in the box if they can shift during transport to storage.

This method works great with other glittered or embellished decor, just follow the same instructions for wrapping, and then store together inside of plastic before packing into a storage box. I prefer to pack items of the same weight together.


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