Christmas/Holiday Storage Solutions Part 1- Saving on Storage

Here are a few ideas for Christmas/Holiday storage that won’t cost you a penny extra. I call them ‘free-cycles’ because I am recycling and using an item that I would have to purchase otherwise.

Use shipping boxes that you’ve received shipments in as storage for decor, paper, ornaments, etc. the shipping boxes are usually very sturdy and will last for several years. I received a package inside this long, thin, tall box and nearly threw it away before I realized that it is PERFECT for storing wrapping paper. This is great news for me because I went to a sale Dec. 26th and bought rolls of high-end wrapping paper for less than half price for next year’s celebrations.

Gift shirt boxes aren’t sturdy enough to use for storage alone, but they are fantastic for organizing items by color or type, and then storing several organized boxes into a heavier box or plastic tub. Next year, you’ll be able to locate your items quickly and easily.
I am organizing my gift package decor by colors that match each roll of paper, then I am labeling the shirt boxes with the contents so it is easy to identify without having to open them all. When I’m ready to wrap gifts next year, I can select the paper and simply grab the shirt box with the appropriately colored ribbons and decor to match.

Boxes that were housing a gift aren’t always the sturdiest, but some are. This one is thin, but I am using it to hold other boxes of ornaments and tea lights. It is an extra layer of protection for the ornaments themselves, and helps to protect the ornament boxes from dust and scratches, which can be helpful if you’ve got some vintage or heirloom boxed ornaments. Be sure to clearly label recycled boxes so you’ll know what is in them. On a box this size, I simply glue a piece of white copy paper to each side and write “ornaments/tea lights”. If you want to go all out, you can cover the paper with clear contact film and use a sharpie to label.

Save the tissue papers from gifts and gift bags and use them to cushion and protect ornaments that don’t have a storage box. This is an ornament made at my son’s school, so there’s no original box for protection, and this is definitely something I want to protect. ❤

Slipper or shoe boxes that won’t be holding shoes are great to store those ornaments that do not have an original box. Be sure to wrap carefully, and store several shoe/slipper boxes inside another box to double up on damage prevention.

I have more Christmas Storage Solutions coming up, so check back often. 🙂


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