Valentine’s Candy Bar Craft for Kids- Great for Class Parties!

Several patterns to choose from plus the envelope pattern! (Homeroom Parents & teachers: Scroll to bottom for extra information on money-saving tips on this project for a classroom.)
This is a fun and inexpensive project for Valentine’s day. You can print out one for a child to make or make copies and do them for the whole class. You can do this with the class for a party activity (Room Parents), or to send to school for your child’s valentine card. It even has an envelope for the candy bar to go in.
Fits a regular size Hershey bar or a King size Hershey bar.

These are super simple and really great for any age. You can omit the envelope for younger children who may not be old enough to cut and fold it, or offer help from an adult.

Print out the pattern you like. Scroll down to see a variety. They may need some time to load to see them all.

Cut out the wrapper along the black lines surrounding the candy bar wrapper. Have the child(ren) color the wrapper. Older children can cut the wrapper out themselves, just give them the printout or copy.

Wrap around the candy bar, glue using a glue stick -or- a very small amount of liquid glue like Elmers’s. Glue sticks work best for kids in early grades. Cut off excess paper edge if you’ve used a regular sized candy bar.

Here are the candy bar wrapper designs. The envelope pattern and instructions follow the wrapper patterns, so keep scrolling! 😀


To make the envelopes, just print out the envelope pattern, cut it out, fold, glue the flaps and you are done. Younger children will need some help.

I like to cut out the envelope pattern and have the kids trace onto scrapbooking paper, gift wrap, paper bags, or butcher paper to cut out and use. My daughter chose pink polka dot scrapbook paper for her envelope. The kids can decorate the envelope, too if they like. (Homeroom Parents & Teachers: Scroll to bottom for extra information, please.)

Envelope pattern:

Enjoy your child’s Valentine’s Day project. 😀


Providing the craft for an entire classroom can get expensive. He are some tips to save on this project.

1. Pick up candy bars in advance when they are on sale. Usually within a day or two after Christmas you can get them for 75% off. Remove the outer paper Christmas label, leaving the foil wrapper. You can also ask for each student to bring a candy bar.

2. Print out 2 master copies of the pattern you want to use, cut them out on the black edge line. You should be able to (barely, but it will) fit both on the copier and make 2 copies per sheet. (I suggest printing a master of each design and creating a folder to have handy in the future.)

3. Print out the envelope (Takes a full sheet.) and copy onto a few sheets of card stock so that you have several sturdy patterns. Laminate to make them last longer. Pass the patterns around so the kids can trace the envelopes themselves if they’re old enough, or schedule parent volunteers to assist. If you’re making a folder for future use, add the patterns to it.

4. Save money on the envelopes by using butcher paper, plain red Christmas paper (on sale after Christmas.), or paper grocery bags. You can ask each student to bring a paper grocery sack, even.

5. If your school has die cutters or punches with Valentine’s Day themes, use those to make die cuts or punchies to decorate the envelope. Some of the cutest ones we’ve made were done with leftover red wrapping paper and heart die cuts made out of paper sacks.

6. Print out these instructions and add them to you folder for future use.


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