Luxe Thanksgiving Turkey Gravy

This very easy, simple to make gravy is rich and luxurious in texture and taste. 

For each cup of turkey broth/drippings, you will need: 

1 cup turkey drippings/stock
2 tbsp. medium roux (Instructions here)
1 egg yolk

Put turkey drippings/stock into a sauce pan and bring to just boiling, reduce to simmer.
Add roux to the pan and whisk smooth.
Continue whisking until thickened and begins to bubble. Turn heat completely off.
Immediately put egg yolk in and whisk briskly until fully incorporated.
The egg yolk is an excellent emulsifier while adding a creamy flavor and silky-smooth texture that will have your guests wondering what your secret is. image
This can be used with other types of stock as well, so experiment and let me know what you’ve tried, how you like it, and what your guests think.


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