10-Day Countdown to Thanksgiving Guests

Here is a manageable way to get your house in shape for Thanksgiving guests and provide a clean, comfortable environment for those who may be staying with you. This will take about 15-45 minutes per day (depending on how much you’ve got), to break up the chores instead of a last-minute scramble. If you can find time to do more than one a day, you’re ahead of the chore list!

10 days before: Chips, nicks, and scratches. You’ll need sharpies in various colors to match your furnishings and touch up paint. Check doors, cabinetry, knickknacks, coffee tables, accent furniture, door frames, and walls. Cover the nicks or scratches with a coordinating color of sharpie or a daub of paint. image
9 Days before: Carpets, Drapes, and Rugs- Have carpets cleaned or spot-treat any stains. Take draperies to the cleaners if it isn’t washable. If it is washable, wash, then air dry, press if necessary. Take rugs outdoors (weather permitting) and shakes excess dirt from rugs. Use a spot treatment to clean any stains.
8 Days Before: Silk plants, and Decor. Clean silk flowers, greenery, and non-washable decor by placing them into a lawn sized trash bag with a container of salt. I buy the cheapest salt available at 2/$1. Close the top of the bag and shake well. It knocks loose dirt and dust. Remove items, shake excess salt and return it to it’s place.

7 Days Before: Clean Light- You may not notice, but guests will if your light fixtures, lamp shades, and chandeliers are dirty. Use a cleaner suitable for each item. Some glass shades can be put in the dishwasher on the china setting. image

6 Days Before: Clean and polish woodwork- Clean woodwork with a wood-safe cleaner like Murphy’s Oil Soap. Polish with a good moisturizing polish.
5 Days Before: Stock up for guests- Stock guests bathrooms with towels, mini-sizes of toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, and soaps in case a guest has forgotten a needed item. Wash guest linens to be sure they’re fresh. Freshen pillows by placing them in the dryer with a tennis ball and a cotton ball dampened with essential oil.
4 Days Before: Mirrors and Wall Decor- Clean all the mirrors in your home. I make my own window cleaner using 2 oz. rubbing alcohol, 1 tsp. ammonia, and place in a spray bottle, filled with water. Old newspapers are a great substitute for paper towels. Check picture frames and other wall decor to be sure they are clean and dust-free.
3 Days Before: Silver and Serving Dishes
Drag out the silver, the serving dishes, the serving pieces and be sure they are dust-free, clean, and ready to use. You can polish silver with cheap, white $.99 toothpaste and since. Hand wash large serving pieces and place to dry.
2 Days Before: Fridge, stove, and oven- The 3 most seen places of your home on Thanksgiving are in the kitchen. Clean your fridge using a solution of 1 quart water, 2 tbsp baking soda, and 2 tbsp vinegar. Be sure your oven and stove top are squeaky clean using a cleaner made for your particular type of appliance.
1 Day Before: China- Don’t wait till the day of Thanksgiving to be sure your china is clean and ready to eat from. The day before is a perfect time to hand wash and allow to dry before you set your formal table. The table will already be set as guests arrive.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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