Make Daffodils happy little rays of sunshine this spring

Daffodils are usually hardy, easy to grow, and and even a “brown thumb” can be successful at growing them. They pop a little color into the landscape after winter to announce “Spring is here!”. I love my daffodils.

You can get them to bloom more, for longer, and just a bit brighter if you feed them occasionally. It’s best to put a heavy feeding on them in the Fall, but you can still feed them in late Winter or Spring to get great flowers.

They love wood ash and coffee grounds. Save the ashes from your fireplace, and coffee grounds. Actual wood ash, not the imitation logs.

Mix 1 part coffee grounds (dried) to 2 parts wood ash. Sprinkle about a cup around the plant roots and water very well. Ensure that your daffodils have plenty of drainage since they’re not happy campers about wet roots.

If you’re planting bulbs (should plant in Fall) add 2 cups to the dirt surrounding the bulb and mix in before planting the bulbs.

You CAN plant late winter, but you may not get blooms that season. If you have them, plant them. You can soak the bulbs in a wet paper towel for 24 hours before planting to move the process along.



2 thoughts on “Make Daffodils happy little rays of sunshine this spring

  1. Hi Rhonda! Love your blog. I planted 100 daffodils in the same area a few years ago and they are still bringing me sunshine every spring. But I bet they would appreciate a good feeding. Thanks for the tip!

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