Burn off the lawn for a greener, softer, weed-free grass lawn.

I burn off my lawn. That’s right, I light it up. It kills weeds popping up, burns away crab grass, it’s easier than de-thatching, kills many pests, greens up my lawn faster, and feeds the new growth. I burn it off in odd years, letting it grow as usual in even years.

I checked with my local fire department to see if I need a burn permit (usually by phone and free of charge) or if the fire department will do it for me (Many love to.). I also investigated local ordinances, and none apply to my rural home, so I’m free to burn away at will.

I only burn in late winter, when some weeds begin to appear, but the desirable grass hasn’t begun to grow, when the wind is under 15 mph and only in areas that my water hose will reach.

I don’t let clumsy people or children help. I goes pretty quickly, too.

I use a metal rake and a lighter. First, I light the area, and rake out the fire if it goes towards an area I’m not working in. If I don’t want something to burn, I wet it down really well before starting and continue to keep it wet.

If a section of grass is heavily thatched, I may have to re-light it and rake it up to get it all to burn off.

I like to work in small sections to keep it under control, and water around the area I’m burning.

After I’m done I heavily water the area to be sure there is no chance of fire, and this also feeds the roots of the grass.

Now, I just need to sit back and wait for my luscious lawn to grow. 🙂

This isn’t for everyone. If you live in a city, its probably illegal.



2 thoughts on “Burn off the lawn for a greener, softer, weed-free grass lawn.

  1. hi there, it’s been years since I’ve burned my own grass, and now that my husband has acres of land and doesn’t want to maintain it on a regular basis, I would like to burn some of the Pastures to help with the debris, and overgrown grass, so my question is how long does it take for the grass to regrow, I cannot remember

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