Day 6 Organized: Cooking Utensil Drawers

Day 6 Organized: Cooking Utensil Drawers
Make those drawers work for you, not against you.

I have 2 large drawers next to the stove that everything was just piled in. Nothing had a place to be in and it was becoming a catch-all.

Look at that mess. The first order of business is always to clear it out. You can’t organize it if you don’t de-clutter.

I used a plastic bucket and put everything on top of the counter. MOST of these things aren’t garbage, they are useful, but I have too much so I put a brown bag on the counter to put things in that I want to donate.

I lined the drawers ($1 at the $1 store) and began sorting through the mass collection. Phone books, why are those even in these drawers? Those can be tossed since I don’t use phone books.


I sorted through the stuff and anything that I had more than one of, I put in the bag. I do not need 2 lime squeezers, or two cheese graters that are the same size. I sorted all "extras" out and put them in the bag. Sometimes, I need extras of items, like large spoons, ladles, etc. so I plan to keep those.

I want to organize these to make things run smooth when cooking, so I chose to put cooking utensils most often used for stove-top cooking in the drawer closest to the stove. I used the front area to store spatulas, whisks, spoons, etc. that are the most frequently used. I arranged them to be instantly accessible. I used the back area of the drawer for spatulas and wooden spoons, which I use often.

The second drawer will hold items used, but less frequently. Some of these are small in size and tend to roll around in drawers adding to the havoc. I put two small baskets which I purchased for $1 each at the $1 store, in the drawer for these. I used the back basket for the least frequently used things like mini-graters, meat tenderizers, and pie crust cutters. The basket closer to the front holds more often used items like orange peelers and corn holders. I found a small oddball ramekin to hold those tiny items in the basket.

The remaining areas of the second drawer were used for things like pizza servers & cutters, salad utensils, cheese graters and slicers, and other less frequently used utensils.

You may use different things more often and you should arrange yours according to your cooking style and frequency of use.

This project didn’t take long and cost about $3. Well under the $15 challenge budget.



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