Day 5 Organized: Organizing Closet Cubbies

Day 5 Organized: Organizing Closet Cubbies

This was bugging me. We all have that place in our closets that we shove clothes that we don’t wear much. I need that space for useful items.

My original intent was to use the cubbies to store “around the house” clothes- you know- those comfy things you can never wear in public because you’ve had them since 1994. Obviously, it’s not working out.
I’ve ended up shoving random clothes there, things missing a button, a few stitches coming loose, shrunk in the wash, etc. It was a place to pile crap.
I pulled it all out. All of it.

I started by sorting into two piles. Keep & Toss. Items went in the “toss” pile if I haven’t worn it in a year, if its too small, or if it needs repair because let’s face it- I haven’t sewn that button on and I’m not going to.

I only kept items that fit, I’ve worn recently, and are in good condition.

Basically, I tossed 90% of that junk.

Next, I added baskets ($2 each) to contain the things I planned to keep. This left room to store bags, purses, and wallets. I used a small $1 store rack to organize the purses and placed wallets underneath.

Wow, that was easy as pie and now it’s a breeze to find things I actually will wear, plus I’ve finally organized those bags. I’m calling this a two-fer! For only $5! Well under my challenge budget of $15.



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