Day 4 Organized: Organizing Dinnerware

I was tired of looking in multiple cabinets to set the table. I found a way to keep all of the dishes in one cabinet. I just needed a little organization!

The bottom shelf is the most accessible, so I put the most frequently used dinnerware there. I found a medium sized stacking rack at a dollar store for $2. Putting it on top of the bread and salad plates allowed me to put the soup bowls in the same section.

On the next shelf I put the finger bowls, individual cassoulet dishes, and a small stacking rack ($1 at the dollar store) on top of those let me add a sauce/gravy boat. To the right I put a corner rack with 2 shelves ($3, dollar store). This is perfect for small dishes like ramekins, salt cellars, and flat ramekins for crème brûlée.

On the top, and least accessible shelf, I put items that aren’t used often like olive plates and chop sticks.

Total cost to organize the cabinet was $6. Well below my $15 daily budget throughout the challenge. Win for me, today!


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