Day 3 Organized: Organizing Kids Craft Supplies

Organizing Kids Craft Supplies
Sorry for the delay, I thought this posted yesterday. 😦

I’m a mom. A real mom. I searched for ideas on organizing kids crafts but they all seem to organize them in the kids rooms, now I don’t know about your kids, but mine would enjoy un-monitored paint and glue far too much. I am not putting these supplies in their rooms. No ma’am. I put them in a drawer in the kitchen because I want to keep them company during any painting and gluing. πŸ˜‰

You could put these ideas to work in any drawer, on a shelf, or cubby. I chose that drawer in particular because it sticks. πŸ˜‰

First, I used empty cans and covered them with scrapbook paper scraps. I used my handy dandy label maker and labeled each item so the kids can help put things back where they belong.

I used an empty, but sturdy paper box that came with office supplies to store construction paper. I might let the kids decorate this box later when they have “nothing to do”.


I bought an adjustable desk organizer section at the $1 store for $1. I used 2 attachable sections from another set of four that were $1 for all 4. I put scissors, pencil sharpeners, and paint brushes in the long organizer. I used the small ones for confetti dots and google eyes.

I re-purposed a business card box to hold small bottles of glitter and put glue behind that.

Last, I put in the paint trays, stapler, and reward stickers. I let them have a sticker for putting all the craft supplies back in their places.

I still have plenty of room for more supplies, and cans will take advantage of the space. If they keep this organized for a week, I’ll buy them something new at the $1 store.



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