Day 2 Organized: Organizing Bathroom Drawers

I hadn’t paid much attention to this mess, but when I began this challenge I realized how much crap I throw in there randomly from my purse, pockets, and wherever.  These drawers were crammed full of stuff that does not belong in the bathroom!


The first thing I did was DUMP THEM OUT. I grabbed a plastic laundry basket and dumped everything from the 3 drawers into the basket. Don’t sort anything yet, just dump them out.

Then I cleaned each drawer. You can imagine the make-up, toothpaste, etc. spots in there. I cleaned all of the drawers, them scented them with sandalwood essential oil dabbed onto a cotton ball and rubbed inside each drawer.  Then I lined the drawers to make them easier to clean in the future. I bought a roll of drawer liner at the $1 store for… $1.   It did all 3 drawers.


I started by sorting the items. Wow! I found empty containers I had absent-mindedly stuck back in there, foreign currency, change, and even play dough. Yes, play dough, don’t ask because I have no idea. I do have 3 young children, so that might explain it.  I threw away any empty item, all expired items (You know you have that eyeshadow from 1997 in yours, too.) and anything I haven’t used in a year. I used another basket to hold items that shouldn’t be in there at all. Those items need to go to their homes. Then, I moved onto the items that are staying.


To keep things convenient and easy to find, I started with large items. There are less of those, so I want them in the bottom drawer. I put my curling irons, straighter, and blowdryer towards the front of the drawer for easy access. I put a plastic shoebox ($1 at the $1 store) in the back of the drawer. In the shoe box, I placed items I don’t use frequently, like body wax, herbal remedies, and extra vitamins I bought on sale. Voila! One drawer down!


In the next drawer up, I decided to use it for my “spa” items. My luxury soaps, pedicure tools, face mask, bath brush, exfoliating gloves, etc.  I used a divided clear plastic tray ($1 at the $1 store!) and I used 2 blue drawer organizers that hook together. (These came in a pack of 3 for $1 at the $1 store, and I used the third one in the next drawer up.)  I grouped smaller items in the blue organizers to keep them from being tossed all over the drawer. Voila! 2nd drawer done!


The last drawer, the drawer on top should hold small items and items frequently used. Everyone is different on what they use and when, so it is an individual decision, and there is no right or wrong.

I used four of the blue organizers to hold various hygiene items like cotton balls, q-tips, swisspers, and floss picks. These are small items and they easily scatter from their original containers so keeping them contained is a must. I added 2 clear organizer trays ($1 each at the $1 store) to the right side of the drawer to hold facial bars, cosmetic tools, whitening strips, and moisturizers. Then I placed at the makeup in a cosmetic bag. This may seem odd for a drawer, but it keeps all the makeup together in case I have to rush off somewhere, and it keeps it from getting my drawers dirty. I placed other frequently used items in the top drawer like wipes, deodorant, leave-in conditioner, etc. I put my toothpaste on the counter with my toothbrush to prevent any more toothpaste from getting accidentally smashed inside the drawer. (That was difficult to get out of a wooden drawer!)  Voila! All the drawers have been organized.


I’m fairly pleased with myself. This took very little time, cost about $7 total (well under the $15 limit), and my drawers are beautiful, smell wonderful, and extremely well-organized to make my mornings run smoothly.


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