Day 1 Organized: Organizing Jewelry!

Tired of the jewelry cluttered up on the counter and getting tangled, I decided this is where I needed to start first. Keep reading to find out how quick, cheap, and easy this projects was!  All that you need to complete this project is a cork board, messy jewelry pile, and some pretty straight pins.


I bought a framed cork board at Michaels for $6. I love the color, Mocha.



Next, I tackled this mound of jewelry cluttering up the counter. Since these are my favorites, I like to keep them close to where I get dressed and stash the rest elsewhere.  I began by sorting everything.


After detangling, I began by placing the larger pieces on the cork board and attached them by pushing straight pins into the cork and hanging the jewelry from them. I pushed them in at an angle to prevent items from slipping off.

After the larger items, I did the bangles and bracelets. Then I went on to other pieces like large earring pairs.  I put small earrings, pins, and charms inside the bracelet spaces. I pinned the smallest items in the nooks between other jewelry.

I found a paper flower from a gift bag that I thought was pretty and glued it to a corner of the frame for color and just because I like the flower.

I think my daughter’s might like this as a gift. The frame can be painted any color you like. You can even paint the cork, lightly.

Total cost $7.50 for the cork board and pins. Time involved: 15 minutes.  It took longer to blog about the project than it took to do the project. 🙂


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