30 Day Challenge- Organizing

I’m challenging myself to organize 30 areas in my home over the next 30 days. With the holidays coming up, I’d really like to clutter-bust, beautify, and organize my entire house. I hope you’ll join the challenge with me and share your pictures. I’d love to post them.

I don’t want to spend a lot of money on expensive organizers or pay a professional, so I’ve given myself a limited budget of $15 or less per project. I’ll provide step-by-step instructions and also list the stores if items are purchased.

Enter your email on my blog to follow me through 30 days of de-cluttering and organizing my home, and find some ideas to use or adapt to your areas that need a little organization.

Later this evening I will post “Day 1 Organized!”, after that I will post something new each day that I’ve organized, so check back daily.

All posts for the 30 day challenge will be listed under the Organization category, so just click to have a looksy at them.  I’ll also try to post links each day to this post.

Day 1 Organized: Organizing Jewelry


Day 2 Organized: Organizing Bathroom Drawers



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