Homeroom Parents: Leftover Cupcakes at a Class Party

When parents spend so much time baking, decorating, and carefully delivering the cupcakes they’ve made for their child’s’ class, the last thing they want is to get the batch back with a note saying that several other parents also made cupcakes.

Sometimes, it seems there are multiple parents sending beautifully decorated cupcakes for a party – far too many for the children to eat in the hour or two allowed.  But there is a solution to this conundrum.

When you realize the class party has way too many cupcakes, station a parent at the goodies table to bag up a cupcake of each kind for each child. It’s easy and cheap, plus you can get everything at the dollar store for under $2.

All you need are the wide-brimmed clear plastic cups and clear plastic goodie bags. Place a cupcake in a plastic cup and the cup in the plastic bag. Twist tie and (hopefully) you have larger size treat bags to send everything home in. Simple. Easy. Everyone gets to sample the beautiful and delicious cupcakes!


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