Napkin Rings from Cardboard Tubes

Project: Napkin rings from cardboard tubes     Cost: Approx. 10 cents each on the high end.     Level of difficulty:   My 7 year old did it.

Items Needed: Cardboard Tubes, Modge Podge or Elmers (it’s not waterproof, though), white craft paint, green craft paint, coarse kosher salt, small bells, red ribbon, green glitter, and hot glue (my best friend).

I love recycling. It saves money, time, the environment, and …mostly, it’s craft-friendly. Recycling rocks. Here is a great way to recycle and get festive!  Why throw away a perfectly useful item like a cardboard tube?  So save those cardboard tubes, and from time to time, I’ll show you how to put them to use.

Step 1:  Cut cardboard tubes into the desired length for your napkin rings. I cut mine diagonally from paper towel rolls. You can use paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls, cardboard tubes from plastic wrap or foil are fine, too, although they may be small around.


Step 2: Coat in Modge Podge inside and out and allow to dry completely.







Step 3: Paint them white with white acrylic craft paint inside and out. Allow to dry completely. 










Step 4: Coat the painted tubes in Modge Podge and roll in Kosher salt to cover the outside of the roll completely. This will take longer to dry to the touch, so continue working on the next step while it’s drying.  If you want to speed this process, you can use hot glue, but this can be messy, and you can get burned because it takes a lot of hot glue. It’s also not as pretty.








Step 5: Cut Holly-like leaves from left parts of the cardboard tubes. Paint green on both sides and allow to dry. Cover in Modge Podge and dip in green glitter to cover. Let dry.

When all parts are completely dry, move along to the next steps.

Step 6: Attach the holly to the napkin ring in the center as shown. You can use Modge Podge but I recommend using hot glue. it’s faster and easier.






Step 7: Make red bows from the ribbon. Glue on top of the holly.










Step 8: Hot glue the bells to the ribbon. VIOLA! You’ve made napkin rings! Darn cute ones, too! Whooohooo!


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