Boutique Gift Bags, on a budget.

No need to spend $4- $8 per gift on the gift bag! You can have boutique bags at a fraction of the cost!

Cost: Less than $1 a set.  Difficulty: A 12 year old can do this with ease. I know because my niece does it. 🙂

Items Needed:
Sturdy paper gift bags
Decorative paper
Blank tissue
Blank card and envelope
Stamps and inks
Whatever else you want to put on it.

For the gift bag pictured, I decided to go with a Candy Cane theme.  I began by freehand cutting a candy cane from red striped paper.









I glued them to the paper gift bag (I buy in packages of 12 at Michaels and use a 40% coupon which brings my cost to 20- 40 cents per bag depending on size) and then glued on a green bow so it would “pop” the colors.



I then added a decorative ribbon to the top of the bag, going around the entire top edge of the bag.










For the matching tissue to go in the bag, I used a candy cane stamp, red ink, and plain white (and cheap) gift tissue. I stamped it three times on each corner of the paper.








For the accompanying card, I used a plain white card and envelope (Very cheap in packs of 50 for $5 at Walmart- 10 cents a card!) Using a decorative edge punch, I punched the card edge.


Then I added the same ribbon I used for the bag. I also cut two more candy canes, smaller and glued to the card. I added a small green bow. To give it extra flair, I lined the envelope with the paper I used for the candy canes.






Voila! Perfectly matched gift bag, tissue, and card! These are very expensive and costs can add up at Christmas time. I can make 10 of these sets for about $10 on the high end.

You can get as fancy with these as you want, have at it, and have fun!


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